Staying At Home

Issues to Consider If They Are Staying At Home

Getting a reality check.

If your family member wants to be staying at home, is it realistic? Whether they can remain where they are depends on their house and its location. Are there steep steps? Can the place be made safer and easier to navigate? Is it isolated? Are there people, amenities, doctors, services and support nearby?

Their physical state is a critical factor. Can they find and afford outside help if they need it, or are there family members who can step in? Who will coordinate care?

Home alone, but not lonely.

What will it mean for you if they stay where they are?

There are organizations for those aging that are staying at home (called “Villages”) that combine living on their own with support. In exchange for joining and paying a yearly fee, there may be social events and vetted service providers at a discount. You can also join an existing Village or form your own through the Village-to-Village Network (below).