Alternative Transportation

Issues to Consider

Anticipating their concerns.

What are their key concerns: Is it not knowing where to find resources or being afraid of public transportation (that they’ll get lost, it will be too crowded, too many steps to or at the station or it isn’t convenient)? Find out so they can be addressed.

Many communities and transportation companies have begun focusing on seniors, training drivers on older adults’ physical and cognitive needs. There are many options: public transit, paratransit for the disabled, private pay taxi-type services or volunteer system drivers.

Understand the difference in services.

When you’re considering a transport service, understand what they offer:

Will they pick up Mom inside her house or does she have to walk to the street?, How long can she expect to wait? Will they drop her off or stay with her? What does it cost and how do you pay (on the spot in advance with a credit card)? Are drivers trained to work with seniors? How about dementia?

Vetted transportation.

Some people who live at home belong to what are called “Villages” in their neighborhood. Not only do they provide social opportunities, but may offer vetted transportation services, often for a discount or even free if members volunteer.

If you find transportation is inconvenient, non-existent or too costly, should they consider moving?